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“Reaching your core audience by building relationships that promote new business!”

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CORE marketing solutions was created to provide targeted marketing and business development services to local companies at a fraction of the costs of a full time marketing firm. As your advocate, we work with corporate firms to increase your visibility and reinforce your credibility.

Our services range in scope from turning a business strategy into a detailed set of action steps, designing marketing materials, planning and promoting events and writing website content for businesses lacking marketing expertise. From helping entrepreneurs define their business development plans, identify their target audience and inspire creative marketing techniques, to helping seasoned companies build upon their reputation, update previous marketing plans and grow their business into new territories, CORE marketing solutions delivers concrete strategies to promote any business at various stages of development. CORE services fall into four major categories:

                                                                   1. Business Development Consulting;

                                                                   2. Market Strategy & Brand Consulting

                                                                   3. Promotional Services & Event Planning;

                                 4. Logo Design & Writing Content for Marketing Materials & Websites.

Whether yours is a new business or your firm is well established, the start-up and continued growth of your business is based on reputation and word of mouth. So, how can you give special attention to your existing clients while promoting your firm to new clients, without burning out before achieving success? You need an advocate who understands your target market and who knows how to narrow the gap of competition in your favor! Let us be the public relations engine that powers continuous marketing momentum and generates new clients for your firm! Call CORE marketing solutions today for a free consultation!

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